Monday, February 11, 2013


Have you used Wallwisher (now renamed Padlet) in your classroom? What age level? Is there a way to moderate to make sure all comments are school-appropriate? Would love to use an instant-feedback/collaboration tool.

The Newspaper Clipping Web 2.0 Tool

I saw this site late last night on Pinterest. I repinned like any good teacher would do with the intentions to check it out thoroughly later. If you're like me, you know that often you never get back to looking at your pins.

I went back and explored this link today. The first link will create a custom newspaper clipping. You can customize the date, title and the article. I didn't see a spell check feature so I'd likely have students use Word to proof-read/spell-check then copy and paste into the clipping generator.

I played with it briefly and created this stream of consciousness style article about teaching & tech.

The same website also has a movie clapper board generator. I'm not sure how I would ever use this in my tech class. Maybe in a movie making unit? Anyways - here's the example that I created. 

There are also options for HTML wizard and ninja words as well as animals with speech bubbles. Both seem interested but not something I would likely use in my class. There are ads on this site but none that appeared inappropriate.

I'd love to hear ideas on how you might integrate these tools into your class.